1st Timer? Start Here!

Welcome to Allegan County 4H Five Day Horse Clinic!  We are happy to have you join our merry little party!  If this is your first year going to Five Day we know it can be a little overwhelming.  There is a lot of information but we want to make your entire Five Day experience enjoyable.   Five day is kind of like a five day long horse show that you camp at!  You will learn an amazing amount of information, have a ton of fun,  spend an insane amount of time with your favorite equine,  and you will be exhausted by Wednesday night but still go to bed excited about next years clinic!

  1.  PRINT the registration book!  Then READ it!  Yup-you are expected to read the entire book! Get a highlighter and mark it up!  There are a lot of instructions and rules.  It is your  #1 resource and you’ll find yourself referring back to it many times.
  2. Find out what horsemaster level you are.   Contact one of our Horsemaster evaluators and get evaluated.  Click Here for Horsemaster Level Information
  3. Finally,  pick your classes and register!  Once you are registered send in your check.

Thats it! Simple right? 🙂  Please feel free to ask questions at any time!

Again, on behalf of the Five Day Committee I want to welcome you to the Allegan County 4H Five Day Horse Clinic!  I hope you find this website helpful.  Please refer back to our Facebook page frequently for updates!


Mandi , Clinic Committee Chair

Picture Credit: Heather Maurer