Clinic Schedule

2018 Allegan County 4-H Five Day Horse Clinic Class Schedule

Friday June 22, 2018

10am-4pm: Registration and settle horse/pony in stall. Campground check in.
4pm-4:30pm: Mandatory Clinic Orientation at announcers booth.
6:pm-7:30: Session 6
8pm-9:30: Session 7

Saturday June 23 thru Tuesday June 26

Riding Classes by Horsmaster Levels. Horsemaster evaluation information available on website. Youth MUST be evaluated prior to registration. Class schedule and instructors are subject to change.  Arena locations are labeled A-D and numbers refer to Horsemaster levels.  

Session 1 8:00-9:30am
A) Western 1 (Cierra Bowman) B) West. 2 (Angie Perry)
C) English (Hunt/Saddle Seat) 4/5 (Heather Maurer) D) Jumping 4/5 (Tracy Fox)
Session 2 10:00-11:30
A) English 1/2 (Angie Perry and Heather Maurer) B) Trail 2 (Sue Snoeyink)
C) Western 3 (Rita Gleason) D) Intro to Jumping 2/3 (Tracy Fox)
Session 3 12:00-1:30pm
A) Showmanship all levels & minis (Jodi Brenner)
HM 1 & 2 at 12:00-12:45
HM 3/4/5 at 12:45-1:30
B) Trail 4/5 (W/ Extreme obstacles) (Wendy Fisher)
C) Cloverbuds (Rita Gleason)

A-5-6yrs leadline 12:00-12:30

B-7-8yrs 12:30-1:30

D) Dressage 3/4/5 (Tracy Fox)
Session 4 2:00-3:30pm
A) Western Dressage 3/4/5 (Rita Gleason) B) Trail 3 (Heather Maurer)
C) Gymkhana 1 (Wendy Fisher) D) Bareback 3/4/5 (45 mins 2-2:45) (Angie Perry)
D) In Hand Trail 1-5 (45mins 2:45-3:30) (Jodi Brenner)
Session 5 4:00-5:30pm
A) English 3 (Heather Maurer) B) Western Performance and Reining 3/4/5 (Kyle Gleason)
C)Cloverbuds (Angie Perry)

A-5-6yrs leadline 4:00-4:30

B-7-8yrs 4:30-5:30

D) Gymkhana 2 (Wendy Fisher)
Session 6 6:00-7:30
A) Gymkhana 4/5 (full arena) (Nora Balgoyen) B)*****************************
C) Gymkhana 3 (full arena) (Pam McGill) D)*****************************
Session 7 8:00-9:30 (Fri-Mon)
A) Driving (full arena) (Pam McGill) B)*****************************
C) Roping/Ranch Riding (Kyle Gleason)
Vaulting (grass) (Hannah Skaggs)
D) Drill Team 3/4/5 (Stacey Moore)

Saturday: Tack sale begins-bring your items clearly marked with name and price to be displayed at the posse barn. Trail ride HM 4/5

Sunday: Stall Decorating Contest -Voting begins at noon. Potluck Picnic-5pm-6:30pm.  Bring a dish to pass.  Main Course provided.  Trail ride HM 2/3

Monday: Trail Ride HM 2-5. Tribute Feed Demonstration

Tuesday June 26th

*Evaluation sheets will be passed out for 2018.

*Voting for the Jamie Reurink Smilely award begins

*Timers will be set up for Gymkhana runs for session 6

*Awards ceremony after Session 6 followed by Vaulting and Drill Team Demonstrations.  Shaving cream fight afterwards.  Bring goggles!!!

Wednesday June 27th *Clinic ends after Session 5-Good Bye ’till we see you in 2019!

At the end of your LAST CLASS (Tues. or Wed.) 1) Clean horse/pony’s stall. Nothing can be left in or on the stall walls. 2) Check out with a Barn Manager. 3) Check out with the Health Officer. 4) Turn in evaluations for a goody bag!

Photo Credit:  Abby A.