Horsemaster Level Information

Allegan County 4-H Five Day Horse Clinic

Horsemaster Level Evaluation Information

Allegan county 4H uses Horsemaster Levels to teach kids the fundamentals of owning/caring for their horse.  As they learn and grow the program offers continuous education so they can progress at a safe and fun pace.  This is a knowledge-based experiential curriculum for learning horsemanship and safety.  The Horsemaster program offers a written component with test booklets and a separate mounted skills portion .   The mounted skills component is satisfied by completing an evaluation from an approved Horsemaster Evaluator.

The following youth MUST be evaluated prior to clinic in order to participate:

  • All first-time participants regardless of level, 4H membership, and/or county of residence

  • Any past participant wishing to move up in level

  • Any past participant riding a new horse.

  • A youth who has never been in a Jumping class at clinic must be evaluated in jumping prior to clinic

Prior to the 4-H Five Day Horse Clinic, a participant and his/her horse or pony may need to be evaluated.  This will help place rider and horse into appropriate classes with the riders of similar ability.  At each level, a “4-H Horsemaster Mounted Skills Evaluation” form is used.  Only the Mounted Skills section will be used for the clinic evaluations.  Completion of the written sections of the 4H Horsemaster Program is highly encouraged but not necessary for clinic.  Please refer to the different levels’ Mounted Skills Evaluation forms link at to determine what level a rider will attempt at the evaluation dates.  A participant may sign up under their existing Horsemaster level without an evaluation.   Cloverbuds do not need to complete an official evaluation but are requested to demonstrate prior to clinic that the horse/rider pairing is a safe one.

 Level 1: These classes are designed for young riders or those with little riding experience.

Riders must be able to walk, steer and stop their horse or pony before joining a class.

Level 2/3: These classes are designed for riders with intermediate riding skills. Riders must know basic aids, hand and body position and be able to walk, jog/trot, lope/canter their horse or pony with some consistency.

Level 4/5: These classes are designed for riders with advanced riding skills. Riders must have good hand and body position, be able to use riding aids effectively and to be able to walk, jog/trot on the correct diagonal, lope/canter their horse or pony on the correct lead consistently.

Qualified Horsemaster Evaluators list can be found on the website or by contacting Dian Liepe, 4-H Program Coordinator, 269-673-0370 x 2557. 4-H Clubs may want to contact an Evaluator that will come and work with several members of the club. Compensation for an evaluators’ time and travel expenses (ie. gas money) is appreciated.


ACEE Fuzzy Show (Allegan Co. Fairgrounds):

May 5th and 6th, 2018 10am – 2pm

If you plan to attend this evaluation, please RSVP to the clinic coordinator Paul Balgoyen at: 

All evaluations should be completed prior to clinic registration!

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